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Just Popped is corn that's popped in a special way that makes it slightly sweet, slightly salty. It's NOT caramel popcorn that's just been diluted. Where your taste buds can "max out" while eating something like caramel corn, Just Popped has a more subtle taste that keeps you coming back for more. It's at the top of the list for serious gourmet popcorn lovers. Just Popped was originally called Kettle Corn.

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Not all Just Popped is created equal!

The secret to the taste of genuine just popped is in the cooking process itself. The corn must be popped in a very hot coating of cooking oil inside either a cast iron or stainless steel kettle. A mixture of finely granulated sugar is placed in the kettle at just the right time. As the corn pops, the sugar caramelises in a fine layer on each kernel of corn. Unlike caramel corn, which is drenched in sweetness, Just Popped is lightly sweet and lightly salty, deliciously crunchy and described by many as a delicate taste. Don't settle for less than the real thing!

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